Sunday, October 28, 2012

(Holy Grail Product) Review: Maybelline Pure Eraser Mineral Healthy Eraser Foundation

Ever since the beginning of the year, I needed a new liquid foundation. However, I hesitated when new ones were introduced to the market because I didn't want to spend my money on something that would probably break me out. So I relied on my Missha BB Cream and waited for the right one to be launched. 

The thing about BB Creams is that they are great, but not so great for unfortunate users with blemishes and acne-prone skin because the coverage is not that fantastic. Hence, I was piling up the concealer whenever I used BB Creams, which of course made my blemishes even more prominent. 

Then this magical foundation from Maybelline was launched. I watched the advertisement on TV and I was immediately sold. The Maybelline Pure Eraser Mineral Healthy Eraser Foundation is not a cheap foundation, especially for a drugstore one. It retails at S$27.90 at Watsons nationwide (or anywhere with a Maybelline counter). I do admit it's a hefty price tag for a Maybelline product. 

Any Malaysian/Indonesian readers here who knows if this foundation can be found in Malaysia/Indonesia? If yes, I'll definitely purchase my back-ups there! 

The number one feature that caught my attention was the packaging and the applicator. The Maybelline Pure Eraser Mineral Healthy Eraser Foundation is no ordinary foundation! It's a tube of product with a sponge-tip applicator at the top. Extremely innovative. You may wonder if it's hygienic to use a sponge-tip applicator for a liquid foundation. Luckily, Maybelline attached a non-bacterial sponge for this foundation. So yay, users can use this with less worry! 

The foundation promises:
  • buildable coverage (thin layers of product can be layered according to one's own fancy without masking the face!)
  • velvety finish (not matte, so it's not so harsh and you don't look obviously made up)
  • refreshing & light (nobody likes the cakey feeling, eh?)
  • moisturizing feel 

Ingredients list

I don't know what's up with this usage of white text. I can't even get it to appear on photos! =_=

So here are the instructions:
  1. For first time usage, turn the top for 10-20 times to dispense the foundation out. 
  2. Apply the foundation directly onto your cheeks, forehead, nose and chin using the sponge applicator.
  3. For subsequent usage, turn the top 1-2 times to dispense product. 
To wash the sponge, gently pull the sponge tip out and wash under running water. When completely dry, put the sponge back. 

It comes with an additional sponge applicator too, so yay! 

Packaging: I love, love, LOVE the sponge applicator. This gives CONTROL a whole new definition. With usual foundations, you tend to pump out too much, and then you find yourselves in a dilemma of whether you want to use up all the foundation that you have pumped out, or waste it. Most of the time, I will choose the former, and I will end up looking like a walking theatrical mess. With this innovative applicator, I really can control the amount that I want to use on my face, and it's never too much! You dab the sponge on your face, you blend the foundation out, if you need more, you dab some more! You'll never ever ever use too much foundation with this product! AMAZING. 

Every time you turn the top, only a little bit of the product will be dispensed and it will be dispersed over the sponge. I really am digging this foundation, and I have been using it everyday and loving it every single day. 

3 dabs on the back of my hand. 

Foundation blended out
Coverage: This is a medium-heavy coverage foundation, perhaps verging on the heavy side. It's definitely more heavy-duty than your BB creams and I need much less concealer for my blemishes! 

Moisturizing: It's not greasy moisturizing, but just the correct amount of moisturizing. Especially good for oily skin actually because it gives you your needed amount of hydration without making you look like you just deep fried yourself a few hours later. 

Longevity: I used this foundation for a day out in Sentosa and then a Halloween night at Universal Studios Singapore. A total of 12 hours, and the foundation didn't budge, ARE YOU KIDDING ME?1 GREAT FOUNDATION! 

I didn't really take close-up photos of the foundation on my skin (sorry!), but here are some photos that perhaps will show you how amazing the Maybelline Pure Eraser Mineral Healthy Eraser Foundation is. :) 

This one's after about 10 hours. Still looking good! :)

Will I buy it again? I'm going to treat this foundation like an item that I will need during a war. STOCKING UP TIME. 

It's really a great liquid foundation for users with acne-prone skin and blemishes, go get them ALL (but leave some for me please).

Good job, Maybelline!


rizky amelia said...

Giirrll..i really love your review and i also use the product. Just wanna ask, i apparently allergic to Bysmuth Oxychloride, one of the ingredient in the Product. It caused itchy and blotchy skin every time i finished using it. I am so desperate about it, but what to do. I second your review about how good the product is. Its soo sooo true!! If it is not because my allergic, i would list this foundation as my holy grail and stock it up like a war time.

My question, have you found other brand or product that has the same quality as this one? please please do recommend one for me as i need to find a replace.

thanks dear..

Fitrina Lim said...

Hi there!! Thanks for reading my blog! :)

This product is really quite amazing. Such a pity you are allergic to one of the ingredients!

Why not you switch to some good quality BB creams? I swear by the Missha BB cream or the Holika Holika BB cream. They are really good for days when you don't really want thick liquid foundation on your face!

If you still want an alternative for liquid foundation, I will suggest Revlon Colorstay? It's great because it has medium-full coverage and it has different formulations for normal skin and for oily skin!

Since you have a sensitive skin, I'd suggest that you stop using liquid foundation for a while, and turn to either BB creams or tinted moisturisers!

Hope everything works out fine!! :)